Brake Repair

The All Important Brakes!

For every 12,000 miles that you drive, you will use your brakes about 75,000 times! Needless to say, your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. Here at Best Automotive Repair, your safety is our number one priority! When you bring your vehicle to us with brake concerns, our experienced team will dedicate the time necessary to get your car in tip-top shape to keep you and your family safe on the roads!

Are you having brake warning indicators?

When you hit your brakes, you want them to be working properly! If you are noticing any of these brake symptoms, call us immediately to schedule an appointment with our experienced and dedicated professionals.

  • High-pitch screeching
  • A low growling
  • The sound of grinding
  • The front end vibrating
  • The car pulling to one side
  • Slow to respond when pedal is pushed

How is your brake fluid?

Did you know that it is recommended that your brake fluid be changed every year or two? How often do you check your brake fluid? Most people don’t think that this is an important part in the upkeep of your vehicle, but it is vital in preventing unnecessary issues with your brake lines. Just like your engine needs oil, so do your brakes! Over time your brake fluid can change and absorb moisture. This causes the brake fluid to breakdown and can compromise your brake lines, which may lead to a potential safety hazard for you and your family. Schedule an appointment today with our experienced team!

24-24 Warranty

Best Automotive Repair offers a warranty on repairs (parts and labor) for 24 months/24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Unless otherwise stated, this starts with the date that is listed on the invoice.  Parts will be covered by the applicable manufacture warranty.