AC Repair

Greenhouse Effect

Have you ever wondered why the inside of your car is SOOOO much hotter than the temperature outside in the summer? Well, that’s easy… It’s called the greenhouse effect! All objects inside your car produce heat from the rays of the sun. Even when it’s comfortable outside at 70 degree Fahrenheit, temperatures inside your car can reach over 100 degrees! So why are you still riding around town with your windows down? Bring your vehicle to us at Best Automotive Repair for all of your AC repair needs!

Is AC Repair in my future?

How do you know when you need to bring your car to us for an AC repair? Here are some ways to tell if we need to take a look:

  • If the AC air blows just a bit cooler than the air outside
  • Air that blows in smells like mildew, moist, or musty
  • The AC only works when driving, not when you are stopped or idling
  • At the highest setting, your vents do not put out much air

AC Repair Inspection

When you bring us your vehicle for an AC repair inspection, we will:

  • Check your blower
  • Screen the compressor belt
  • Examine for cracks or additional damages
  • Execute a system pressure examination
  • Contrast the air conditioning pressure to producer specifications
  • Examine the air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks
  • Check the interior vent air temperature

24-24 Warranty

Best Automotive Repair offers a warranty on repairs (parts and labor) for 24 months/24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Unless otherwise stated, this starts with the date that is listed on the invoice.  Parts will be covered by the applicable manufacture warranty.